Mac Backup & Recovery

Mac Data backup & recovery

About 25 percent of computers used on a daily basis use the Mac OS operating system, and the use of Mac computers is on the rise. Many people prefer Mac OS systems, feeling that the operating system is easier to use and more intuitive than Windows. There is also a wide belief that Mac OS is a more secure operating system. In fact, some people believe that Mac computers cannot get viruses. Unfortunately, this common misconception leads many Mac users to end up losing valuable data or having their entire computers rendered useless.

The Mac OS operating system may be slightly less vulnerable to errors and viruses, but crashes and malicious software viruses do affect Mac OS computers. As a result, backing up a Mac with Mac backup and data recovery software is a smart decision. Backup programs for Mac computers save copies of vital data or the entire system. These copies can be archived on a CD or DVD, sent to an external hard drive or saved to a cloud storage service. If data loss occurs, Mac recovery programs can be used to reinstall the data and get computers up and running again.

If you’re looking for Mac OS backup and data recovery software, it is important that you know what version of Mac OS you are running. Programs typically support only specific versions of the operating system, and you want to ensure that you choose a program that is compatible with your hardware. Also take into consideration how you wish to store your system backup and look for a program that offers that ability.

Chrono Sync for Mac

Why rely on multiple programs and utilities to manage and protect data on your Mac OS X laptop or desktop? Chrono Sync for Mac greatly simplifies data control by functioning as a synchronization program and a Mac backup solution. With the program, you can synchronize drives, additional Mac computers, PCs, and other external solutions with your Mac. Once you have the Mac backup program installed and the synchronization feature initiated, data will be moved back and forth automatically according to your exact specifications, so you’ll have access to all of your critical data in one place. You can also download the InterConneX app to expand the synchronization feature to your iPad or iPhone!

With Chrono Sync for Mac, Mac backup is incredibly easy. You can save copies of specific files and folders to a location that you specify, or you can create a complete bootable copy of your hard drive in case of a complete hard drive failure. The program comes with free support and free updates.

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EaseUS data recovery for Mac

The worst has happened. You suffered a data loss on your Mac computer, and you didn’t have Mac backup protection to assist with restoring your system or critical files. Think all is lost? Before you give up hope of getting your Mac computer up and running again, download EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac, a powerful software program that can help you recover lost, damaged, corrupted or deleted files even if you didn’t use a Mac backup program before hand. The program can find many different types of files from photos to music to videos to spreadsheets to word processing documents to emails. Whether they were intentionally deleted, accidentally deleted or became damaged, EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac can find the files with a simple scan and make necessary repairs to get them restored.

With EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac, you can perform a search and recovery operation on many different external storage devices. This means that you can retrieve files that were on an external drive, a USB pen, an SD card, a digital camera and more!

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Carbon copy cloner

What good is it to backup business or personal data from your Mac OS X computer if you won’t be able to access it? Carbon Copy Cloner is a data backup and recovery and restore program that ensures you’ll always be able to access backup files, even if your Mac laptop or desktop is so damaged that it won’t boot. The program doesn’t just create backup files from programs and file folders on your Mac; it is a complete backup system that creates a bootable complete copy of your hard disk that you can use to completely reinstall your Mac.

With its Safety Net technology, Carbon Copy Cloner is among the best backup programs for providing protection against user error. This unique feature of the backup solution makes copies of your Trash files. Even if you empty the Trash folder, you’ll still be able to access the Safety Net from your designated save point, so that you can restore any files or folders that were deleted in error.

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Tri Backup

Looking for the best backup solution for your Mac OS X computer? Tri Backup gives you the flexibility and versatility that is required to make backup business or personal bootable disks and streamlines data backup and recovery and restore processes for simple operation. Not only is this the perfect backup solution for making backup files in the event of data loss, but it can also be used to migrate data to another computer or to clone your hard drive for use on a different Mac.

With the Tri Backup system, you can create multiple restore points in order to ensure that you have a clean restore point to combat a virus or other malicious program. The flexible program allows you to save to a single location or to select multiple locations, including external drives, FTP servers, network servers and other computers. At the conclusion of a data backup session, the program identifies possible duplicate files and folders, so that you can conserve disk or drive space.

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Data Backup from Prosoft

Data Backup from Prosoft is the best backup solution for Mac OS X computers for those who want to backup business or personal files but need a solution that you don’t need to be a tech genius to operate. The program includes data backup and recovery and restore functions in one easy-to-use interface that you can set up in seconds.

The backup solution allows you to create an entire backup system that is completely bootable or to create backup files from specific folders or pre-selected programs like iTunes or iPhoto. The versatile design of Data Backup from Prosoft lets you choose the back up location that is right for you whether you prefer to use an external hard drive, a USB drive, a network drive or a CD or DVD disk! You can even use the powerful program to synchronize folders for sharing information between multiple computers. Short on time? Get started in seconds by using the Fast Startup feature, and you’ll be creating backup files before you know it.

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