ANDROID phones and tablets make life simpler, and if you own an ANDROID device, you likely use it for many different tasks throughout the day. As a result, your phone or tablet may contain hundreds of data files, including system settings, apps, contact information, records of text messages, photographs and videos. While this gives you access to all of the data that you need when you’re on the go, it also puts you at risk for suffering data loss.

Cell phones and tablets can easily be damaged when you’re out and about, and system crashes can also occur. If you’re not prepared, you could lose all of the data that you have accumulated on your ANDROID tablet or smart phone. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from this type of loss with ANDROID backup software. ANDROID backup software allows you to make copies of all or some of the data on your phone using specially designed programs. Typically, programs save information to a PC computer, so that it can be safely stored in the event that a data loss emergency should occur.

If you do suffer data loss, you’ll need ANDROID data recovery software to restore your phone or tablet and get access to your files. Many backup programs for ANDROID devices also offer data recovery features for ease of use. ANDROID data recovery programs can also be beneficial when user error occurs. With these programs, you can often locate files that were accidentally deleted or corrupted and restore them for future use.

GCloud backup

In only takes seconds for an Android phone to become damaged, lost or stolen, but the effects can last a lifetime. A lost, damaged or stolen phone can mean losing years worth of precious data that can never be recovered, making it important that you find an Android backup solution to safeguard against such catastrophic lost. GCloud backup is the perfect choice, as it takes a simple approach to Android backup and recovery, so you won’t need to be a computer expert to use it with ease.

With GCloud backup, you simply download the Android backup app and use the touch screen to select what you wish to protect. The program provides Android backup protection for call logs, messages, music, video, photos and contacts and can be used to back up multiple Android apps into one secure cloud storage account. If you ever need to recover data, you can do so by reinstalling the app on your damaged phone or installing it on your new device and making a single tap.

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Titanium Backup Root

When you use your Android phone or tablet for managing important data and completing vital tasks at work or home, why would you take chances? Titanium Backup Root is an Android backup app that makes it possible for you to protect many different types of data, including apps, SMS text messages and associated MMS attachments, bookmarks, call log, contacts, Wi-Fi network settings and much more. The program lets you decide exactly what to protect and then transfer it to your Google Drive, Dropbox or Box account using state of the art encryption. You can also email an encrypted copy of your data to an address that you specify, so that you can store it in your PC.

With Titanium Backup Root, Android backup occurs on your schedule! You can use the task scheduler to set up an Android backup scan and save whenever you wish whether its many times every day, once per day, once per week or once per month. The app runs seamlessly to make Android backup simple.

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My Backup Pro

Don’t take chances with your data! My Backup Pro is a complete data backup and recovery and restore solution for Android smart phones and tablets and can be used with any device installed with Android OS 1.5 or later. Part of what makes this the best backup solution for Android devices is the complete protection that it provides. With the app, you can create backup files that include your photos, music, call log, contacts, text messages, system settings and wallpapers. The backup system will even make copies of your alarm clock settings, the appointments in your calendar, your custom dictionary, your music playlist and your applications!

Whether you need to backup business or personal Android devices, My Backup Pro is the ideal choice. You’ll love how easy it is to save all of the data from your phone or tablet and that the program gives you the ability to store your backup data on an SD card or on the My Backup Pro secure cloud.

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Helium Premium

How much time would it take you to restore all of your apps if you ever lost or damaged your Android phone and how much money would you have to spend to get access to all of the apps again? With Helium Premium, you don’t ever have to worry about lost app data, as this backup solution handles data backup and recovery and restore for all Android apps. A perfect choice whether you need to backup business or personal smart phones and tablets, this app is simply the best backup option for anyone who wants to fully protect their apps without paying for other unnecessary features.

A simple to use backup solution, Helium Premium produces backup files of your application on demand and can store them to Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. The program also lets you use a Windows, Mac or Linux computer as a backup system. Just download the desktop app and save and access your data from your preferred cloud service to restore and recover lost app files.

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Avast’s Mobile Backup & Restore

So much of the data on your Android smart phone or tablet is irreplaceable, so why wouldn’t you protect it? Avast! Mobile Backup & Restore lets you manage data backup and recovery and restore, creating backup files that you can use if you should ever lose or damage your Android phone or tablet. The backup solution comes in an inexpensive Premium version that is the best backup choice for complete protection from data loss. The backup system makes it possible to backup business or personal data from a variety of sources on your Android mobile device, including your contact information, your call logs, your SMS text messages, your photos and videos, your apps and your music.

Avast! Mobile Backup & Restore provides you double the protection for your backup data by automatically saving your files in two places. One copy is attached to your free Avast! account and stored in a secure cloud server. The other can be linked to your Google Drive account.

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