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If your Mac OS X computer would crash today, what information would you never be able to replace? How would it affect your household, your school work or your career? What would you be able to do to get lost data back? With Tri Backup from Tri Edre, you can be confident that no matter what occurs with your Mac computer, you’ll be able to access your data with ease. This powerful, intuitive Mac backup program makes safeguarding against data loss simple and hassle free.

Bootable Backups Ready in Minutes

Tri Backup is a unique Mac backup program that creates bootable copies of your entire Mac OS X hard drive. If data failure ever occurs, you’ll be able to use the copy to get your Mac computer started, so that you can easily reinstall all of your critical files. Because of this feature, Tri Backup is perfect for creating clean restart points to use if your computer would ever become infected with malware, a virus or a trojan. Not just for data loss, the program also makes it easy to migrate information to a new Mac computer or to install all of the files from a Mac desktop onto a laptop for use on the go.

Save Where You Want, When You Want

You have your own unique needs when it comes to Mac backup technology, which is why Tri Backup gives you a variety of options for save locations and scheduling. You can save files to an external hard drive, onto another Mac computer, to your network, to an FTP server and to many other locations. Once you set the save destination, the program will remember your selection, so you won’t have to enter it any time. The automatic scheduler makes it possible to initiate data backup without interrupting your work, and the program uses few resources, so that there is little to no slowdown when you are backing up.

Find Duplicates and Eliminate Them With Ease

Having duplicates of data files on your external hard drive, server or other save location is an unnecessary waste of memory. That’s why Tri Backup identifies potential duplicates after the data backup is complete. You’ll be able to easily compare the duplicate files and select which one to keep and which one to dispose of to minimize storage wastage.

Restoration on Your Terms

You hate to think about ever needing to use the restore function of your Mac backup program, but it’s good to know that if you ever do lose data that Tri Backup will give you flexibility when restoring it. You can load data from the file using a specific file name, automatically use the most recent backup or load a specific date.

Tri Backup is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.6 and all later versions of the operating system. You can have the Mac backup program downloaded quickly and begin enjoying complete protection right away. Don’t delay! Order Tri Backup and get protection you can count on today.


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