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Mac Backup & restore

The Mac OS X operating system is highly reliable, but that doesn’t mean that data loss isn’t a concern for Mac users. A Mac computer can still fail due to age, a user error, a power surge or a number of other unexpected problems, leaving you unable to access your data. If you have taken the time to protect your data with Carbon Copy Cloner, you’ll be ready in the event that the worst should happen, and this Mac backup program makes data protection a simple task.

A Bootable Mac Backup Solution

There are many Mac backup programs available on the market today, but often, these programs do little good if your Mac computer suffers a data loss that makes it unbootable. In these instances, you often have no choice but to replace your computer or be without for an extended period of time while a technician repairs it. With Carbon Copy Cloner, you’ll be able to easily boot your Mac computer, as the program automatically saves all of the data needed to start up your Mac and get you on the way toward data recovery.

Designed to Simplify Backup

Although Carbon Copy Cloner is unlike any other Mac backup program available, the software is incredibly easy to use. The interface has an intuitive design in which all of the most commonly used tasks are easy accessible on start up. You won’t have to spend hours reading tutorials and help files to begin using the program. Just install it, make a few clicks and you are ready to go. All of the information appears in a single window, keeping everything ready to launch with just a simple three-click process.

A Versatile Scheduler

With Carbon Copy Cloner, the power to customize your Mac backup scheduling is within your hands. You can set the task schedulers to perform complete backups or partial backups by the hour, day, week, month or whenever your selected save device is activated. If you’re using a Mac laptop, the scheduler will automatically delay the launch of a backup task while you’re running on battery power and resume as soon as you’re wired to an AC outlet again. This conserves battery life and greatly simplifies Mac backup on a MacBook or Macbook Pro.

The Added Protection of Safety Net

Accidental deletions are one of the biggest causes of data loss on Mac computers, which is why the Carbon Copy Cloner Mac backup program includes Safety Net technology. When activated, this feature makes copies of whatever is inside your Trash folder just in case you ever need to restore files due to accidental deletion.

Support When You Need It

While Carbon Copy Cloner is easy to use without any training, the program is fully supported by the customer service team at Bombich. Getting help is easy, and the Mac backup program includes a Knowledge Base for self-help troubleshooting.

Get your copy of Carbon Copy Cloner and begin protecting your Mac OS X computer with the bootable Mac backup solution!


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