Bacula Linux Network Backup

bacula linux network backup software

Linux backup must be a top priority for your company, as you need to ensure that your files are protected in case a crash, virus or user error does damage to your data. At the same time, data backup should not be the primary focus of your IT team, as they have many other duties to see to on a daily basis. By using Bacula as your backup service, you can ensure that your data is completely protected without requiring your IT team to invest unnecessary time and energy in Linux backup.

Centralized Backup Files to Simplify Data Protection

Even if you have a very large network to protect and back up, Bacula will greatly simplify the process, freeing up your IT team to focus on other needs. The program is capable of creating centralized backup files from all of the servers and workstations that use Linux or Unix, creating highly compressed storage files that can be used to restore data if a loss ever occurs. The program also allows for data restoration from a single point to help your company recover from an emergency as quickly as possible.

Multiple File and Storage Options to Suit Your Needs

Part of the appeal of Bacula is the incredible flexibility of its design. Your IT team can establish custom security settings to safeguard your data backups and create files in a multitude of formats. Whether you prefer tar, dump or bru backup files, the program can create them quickly and efficiently. Storage options include a variety of supported tape drives and autochangers as well as disk-based options.

A Simple Five-Component System

To make Bacula as straightforward to use as possible, the program is divided into core components, all of which can be overseen with the Bacula Monitor interface. Every computer and server on your system is updated with Bacula File, a program that sends the information identified by your IT team to Bacula Director, the component of the program responsible for compiling the centralized storage files. Bacula Console makes it easy for IT administrators to set the parameters for data backup, while Backup Storage quickly transfers backup files to the media of your choice for storage.

Award Winning Open Source Linux Software

In 2014, Bacula’s creator received the “Champions in Open Source” for his efforts in the development of the Linux backup program. The award testifies to the simplicity and reliability that companies can rely on when they choose Bacula as their Linux software for server and computer backup. The program is fully open source, making it possible for your IT team to modify the code and adapt it to the unique needs of your enterprise.

If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward Linux backup solution for your company’s computer backup needs, Bacula is the best backup system for which to opt. Download the latest release of this intuitive computer backup program today and simplify your approach to data backup.

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