Amanda Network Backup Linux / Unix

amanda linux unix backup recovery

If your company relies on Linux software to power servers or workstations, finding the right backup service to secure your data can be a challenge. Many of the common data backup programs aren’t compatible with Linux or offer reduced functionality on Linux systems. AMANDA or the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver is the best backup solution for any enterprise that relies on Linux-based machines, as it was developed specifically for the operating system.

A Centralized Solution for Linux Backup

When you are running Linux on multiple computers and servers, creating backup files on all of them can be time consuming for your IT team. With AMANDA, IT administrators do not need to run Linux backup utilities individually on every server and computer on your network. Instead, the system can be set up to transfer data from multiple hosts to central master backup files. Once the parameters are set, AMANDA will automatically produce centralized back ups according to the schedule specified by your IT administrators.

Versatile Computer Backup Across Multiple Platforms

If your company is like many that relies on Linux machines, you likely have multiple versions of the operating system running on various computers and servers, but that’s not a problem for AMANDA. No matter what version of Linux or Unix you are using on a machine, the program can create a full copy of the data stored on its hard drive and transfer it to the master file. With the native Windows and Mac OS X clients, you can even back up data from Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Server machines, eliminating the need for a second backup program and allowing the centralized backup files to be truly complete collections of all of the data on your network.

Flexible Storage Options for Backup Files

Many Linux backup programs provide only a small number of options for storing the master backup files once they are completed, but AMANDA provides you with more flexibility. You can transfer the data that is collected onto many different models of tape drives and changers. It is also possible to save the data to disks and optical media, and you can choose from a number of file formats, including dump and GNU formats.

An Open Source Solution

The flexibility of AMANDA is enhanced by the fact that this program is completely open source. This means that your IT team can obtain the complete code for the Linux backup program and make changes as needed to make the program a perfect fit for your data protection needs.

Whether you have a small business or a large company with multiple servers and workstations to protect, AMANDA offers the flexibility and reliability that you need to fully secure and back up your sensitive data. Download the latest version of this powerful Linux backup program today and begin protecting your network from costly data loss incidents.

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