Phonecopy for iPhone/iPad

backup for iphone/ipad

You use your phone to help you store phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, birthdays, notes, appointments and other important pieces of data, so that you have access to it when you’re on the go. While this is handy when your phone is working well, it can spell trouble if your phone crashes or is damaged and suddenly that precious data is gone. Phonecopy can help you to avoid the problems that can arise when smart phones malfunction or break, as it is the best data recovery and backup software solution for those who want to protect their contact information.

The Simple Backup Software Solution

Phonecopy makes it easy to create a data recovery download that contains a variety of important information from your smart phone. The program allows you to make copies of items like your contact listings, your calendar appointments, your task lists, your SMS text messages, your notes and your user profile. The data that you create using the backup and recovery software is stored on a secure online cloud that you can access from any computer. This makes the program far more flexible than ordinary PC backup software for mobile devices that is installed on one single system, which must be accessible to backup and recover data.

Easily Sync Updates to and from Your Device

In addition to functioning as an online file recovery software solution, Phonecopy is a synchronization tool that ensures that you never miss updates to your data. If you make changes to any of the information stored on your phone on with the online app, those changes will automatically be pushed to your smartphone. Similarly, data deletions, additions and changes are automatically sent to the cloud. As a result, you’ll always have the absolute latest data available for a recovery in the event that your mobile device becomes lost, damaged or stolen.

Get Contact Management Under Control

With Phonecopy, managing the contact information on your smart phone is incredibly simple. Using the online app, you can make updates to your contacts and delete unneeded contacts using a full-size keyboard rather than a tiny touch screen. The changes that you make will be reflected on your phone quickly, giving you access to the latest data. This feature makes Phonecopy ideal for business use or for anyone who stores a large number of phone numbers, addresses and other contact data on their smart phones.

A Versatile, Secure Solution for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Phonecopy is compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices. In fact, more than 4,300 models are supported by the program. Whether you have an Android device, an iPhone or an iPad, you can use Phonecopy to backup your data and get the benefit of secure encryption to safeguard your information in the cloud.

Sign up for Phonecopy today and discover all of the benefits of this powerful backup and data recovery software online app. You’ll love how much it simplifies contact management and how it protects you from data loss.

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