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It only takes a small error or a single virus to wreak havoc on your computer, making it important that you carefully weigh the options available for backup data storage. Using cloud services can help you to protect your data even if your computer, hard drive and disks are all impacted by a serious disaster. While you have many options to choose from for online storage today, few cloud providers can boast the features of MYPCbackup, making it the best backup option for those who want a reliable online backup software solution for a competitive price.

Get Started with Online Storage in Three Steps

Many people mistakenly believe that all cloud backup services are complicated and time consuming to use. MYPCbackup has greatly simplified online storage with an intuitive interface that will get you started in just three simple steps. First, you sign up. Then, you download the MYPCbackup online backup software. Then, follow the prompts to set up your system preferences. Then, the program will automatically run the computer backup process according to your exact specifications.

Trusted Cloud Security Features for Your Protection

With MYPCbackup, you can be sure that your data is safe from hackers and unauthorized viewers. The backup service uses 256-bit encryption, the same type used by 99 percent of all payment websites and by the military. This ensures that documents cannot be intercepted or viewed by third parties when they are in transit to the MYPCbackup data storage servers and once they are saved in the data center.

Fully Automated Backup Storage

You’ll love how MYPCbackup gives you the freedom to set up your cloud backup preferences and then forget all about computer backup. The program is fully automated and will work however you specify. You can tell it which files to backup and when, and you’ll know that MYPCbackup will also store old copies of your files in case you ever update them in error.

Computer Backup and Synchronization in One

MYPCbackup is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems, making it a flexible solution for your cloud backup needs. With the program, you get the benefits of a sync folder that you can easily access on any computer associated with your account. When you save files to the sync folder, they’ll instantly be accessible on all of your computers.

Free Backup and Paid Backup Service Options

With MYPCbackup, you get two great cloud backup options, including a free backup account, which is not provided by most cloud services. If you want to get the benefits of unlimited data storage, you can sign up for a premium account for a low fee. This option is great for multiple computers, for companies and for individuals who have many files to back up.

Getting the protection of cloud backup is simple when you choose MYPCbackup. Check out the available options now and get signed up for the plan that is right for you.

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