IDrive Online Backup

iDrive Online Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is becoming one of the most popular options for those looking to get the benefits of a backup service as it is a convenient way to store backup data in a secure location offsite. You have your choice between dozens of cloud providers today, but if you want the best backup service for multiple devices and systems, there is just one option to choose–IDrive.

A Flexible Cloud Data Storage Solution for All of Your Devices

IDrive offers what other cloud services do not: a simple way to protect all of your devices with one backup data plan. When you sign up for IDrive, you can add multiple computers with different operating systems, smart phones, tablets and servers to your system. Store all of the information in a single account or create sub-accounts to keep information separate and easy to search. The choice is yours.

Incredibly Affordable Cloud Services

Although IDrive is not one of the free backup service options available today, you’ll find that the prices that they charge are far lower than what you’ll find elsewhere. The introductory plans provide a 1 TB of storage space standard and are amazingly low in price. The pricing system is for as many devices as you want to save to one account with no licenses required.

Transfer to Backup Storage at Lightning Quick Speeds

IDrive is one of the fastest cloud services, so you won’t have to spend hours getting your data online. If you are backing up a business to the cloud, IDrive will even lend you a free high speed drive to help you transfer your data without slowing down your system. Just transfer the data to the drive and send it back to IDrive. Their technicians will do the rest!

Enjoy the Best Cloud Security Measures

When you choose IDrive, you’ll get the confidence that comes from knowing your data is protected by state of the art cloud security. Using the same 256-encryption that the military uses to protect top secret data, IDrive keeps your data out of reach of hackers.

Online Storage Made Simple

IDrive is not designed for IT professionals; it’s made with everyday users in mind. The simple-to-use interface will allow you to easily set your backup preferences and begin protecting your data. Should you need it, you can get support through 24/7 online chat or from the free professional IT support phone center.

A Hybrid Online Backup Software

Unlike other online backup software, IDrive can save your data to a local device as well as to the cloud. This makes it possible for you to store data on a disk or external drive for local recovery in case you are ever without Internet access.

Sync While You Save Your Computer Backup Files

Because you can add an unlimited number of devices to your IDrive account, the program doubles as sync software. Whenever you add or update a file on the cloud, you’ll instantly be able to access it on any and all devices associated with your account.

See how easy and affordable it can be to backup your data on the cloud! Check out the packages available from IDrive and sign up today!

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