CrashPlan Cloud Backup

CrashPlan Cloud Storage

You never plan for your computer to crash or for files that you’re using to become corrupted, deleted or otherwise damaged and inaccessible, but these types of problems can strike at any time. With CrashPlan online backup storage, you can be sure that your data is protected and recoverable if you ever suffer a crash, a user error, a virus or another problem.

Simple, Ongoing Computer Backup Protection

CrashPlan is a backup service that makes saving copies of your data in the cloud a simple, convenient task. After initial setup, the program runs seamlessly, making copies of files and storing them on the cloud according to your specifications. The program uses only a small amount of resources, so it works without interfering with system performance or slowing down your computer.

A Smart Online Backup Software Solution

To make CrashPlan one of the best cloud services, the developers have created a smart approach to backup. The program recognizes new files and folders as well as files and folders that have been recently edited and modified. These identified files are backed up first, ensuring that the most recent data is always protected. The program also saves files that you delete from your computer just in case you ever need to recover them.

Backup Data to Multiple Locations

CrashPlan offers what many other cloud providers do not–the ability to save backup data to multiple locations. In addition to storing data on the secure online cloud server, the program can also save copes to an external hard drive, a flash drive, a USB drive, a disk or other computers, giving you more flexibility and making it possible to recover data without an Internet connection as needed.

Unlimited Online Storage

Although CrashPlan is not a free backup service, their rates are very competitive among cloud services. With CrashPlan, you get an unlimited amount of data storage, so you can store as much or as little as needed on the cloud. There are also no restrictions on file sizes, giving you the ability to back up anything and everything.

State of the Art Cloud Security

In order to protect your data, CrashPlan uses incredibly advanced 448-bit encryption. You can even get a private key that ensures that only you or someone who you authorize can access the data stored in the cloud.

Access Your Data Storage Account On the Go

When you download the free CrashPlan app to coincide with your cloud subscription, you can access all of your files from your tablet or smart phone. This makes sharing files between mobile devices and your computer an incredibly easy task and is perfect for those who are frequently on the go.

CrashPlan is simply the best backup program for those who want to make cloud backup automatic while ensuring that it’s secure. Sign up today for CrashPlan and ensure that you have a plan in place to help you recover your critical files if the worst should ever occur.

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