Carbonite Cloud Backup

carbonite cloud backup

Using online storage to protect your important files is a smart way to ensure that you’re protected from data loss due to viruses, system errors and user errors, but if you want to get the best backup results, you need to choose the right option among the many cloud providers offering service today. Carbonite is a true leader in cloud backup storage and can help you get the backup and recovery solution that you need at a price that you can afford.

A Trusted Choice Among Cloud Services

Carbonite stands out among other providers of online backup software due to their stellar reputation in the cloud services industry. There are more than 300 billion files currently stored on Carbonite servers, and more than 1.5 million customers trust the backup service with their critical data. Among those customers are more than 50,000 businesses who use Carbonite to meet their offsite data storage needs.

Computer Backup for All of Your Files

When you choose Carbonite for your cloud backup needs, you’ll be able to fully protect all types of files. The program allows you to save copies of photos, movies, music, emails, documents and system settings with all of the account plans. Some plans also offer additional backup capabilities to protect external hard drives. You can even find plans that create complete mirror images of your system for quick and easy recovery without having to reinstall your operating system.

Data Storage That Is Incredibly Simple to Set Up

If you’ve put off using cloud storage due to concerns about complicated setup processes, Carbonite is the best backup provider for your needs. The system is so easy to use that most people are able to completely back up their computers within just 15 minutes of signing up for the service.

Backup Service for Every Need

With Carbonite, you get your choice of plans to ensure that you get the precise level of protection to fit your needs. Options are available for individual home use, businesses and servers, and there are different plans offered with each type of account.

Sync & Share for Convenient Access to Backup Data

All Carbonite plans come with Sync & Share, a free app for smart phones and tablets. This app makes it possible for you to view and use all of the files that you have stored to the Carbonite server.

Cloud Security You Can Count On

To fully protect data, Carbonite uses a double encryption process. First, files are encrypted before leaving your computer, and they are put through a second layer of encryption at the data center. This provides full protection from hackers and data thieves.

Free Backup Assistance When You Need It

Unlike other cloud services, Carbonite offers professional support for all users. The tech support team is located in the USA and is available to provide you with free assistance whenever you require it.

Whether you need to back up one computer or an entire network, Carbonite is the ideal solution for your needs. Learn more about the service and sign up today. You can have your computer backed up and protected in no time!

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