Acronis Backup to Cloud

Acronis Cloud Backup

Computer backup is absolutely essential to protecting your personal or business data, and there are many backup service providers today providing everything from free backup options to subscription online storage options. Among the many cloud providers promoting their offsite data storage services, Acronis Backup to Cloud is the best backup for those who want to be assured simple recovery if the worst should ever happen.

Complete Image Backup Data

Acronis Backup to Cloud is online backup software that works differently than other cloud services offered today. Most computer backup programs copy files and folders individually, transferring them to an online cloud storage account. When you use Acronis Backup to Cloud, the program takes a complete image of your entire hard drive and then compresses and stores it. This captures not just files and folders but also all of the system settings on your computer like your user accounts information and your operating system files. No other cloud backup program produces as complete a picture as Acronis Backup to Cloud.

Affordable, Flexible Cloud Backup Options

With Acronis Backup to Cloud, you get the benefits of a personalized account protected by the latest cloud security encryption. Whether you have a small amount of data stored on your hard drive or a large amount of data, Acronis Backup to Cloud has a plan that is perfect for your needs. The service sells plans that range in storage capacity from 250GB to 1TB, so there is truly an affordable option available for all business and personal users. You can purchase a license for one or more computers and store all of the information in one centralized account.

Simplified Recovery Process

If you should ever suffer a data loss, Acronis Backup to Cloud makes restoring your system an effortless task. Because of its image based backup technology, the backup service allows you to simply reinstall everything in one simple step. The program will begin by installing the operating system files necessary to boot your computer, and then continue to install all of the files until the entire process is complete. Should you just need to recover a handful of damaged or deleted files, Acronis Backup to Cloud allows you to do so quickly as well.

Migration Made Easy

Not only is Acronis Backup to Cloud ideal for restoring data to a computer, but it can also be used to migrate from one PC to another or from one Mac computer to another. When you get a new computer, you can simply download the complete hard disk image to the new computer and install it, giving you access to all of your files as well as the settings and accounts that were on your previous computer. This Universal Restore feature works on all computers that use the same operating system regardless of their manufacturer.

If you’re ready to begin benefiting from secure, simple computer backup, sign up for Acronis Backup to Cloud. There are many options available to fully meet your backup storage needs.

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