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MyBackup Pro Android Backup

What do you keep on your Android phone? If you’re like many people, you use your phone to keep a wide variety of data organized, safe and accessible when on the go, but what would happen if suddenly all of those files were gone? MyBackup Pro is an Android backup program that can help you avoid the consequences of a damaged phone, corrupted files, accidental deletion and other problems that could cause you to lose your data.

Choose Your Save Location

With other Android backup programs, you’re greatly limited as to where your backed up data is stored. This can make restoring a difficult task and limit the usefulness of the program. MyBackup Pro is different in that it gives you two options for the save location of your data. If you wish, you can back the information up onto an SD card that you store outside of your phone and load every time that you want to backup and restore. This makes it possible for you to use the Android backup app without an Internet connection. Another option is to back the data up to the MyBackup Pro secure online cloud, so that you can easily run backups anytime that you’re online.

Back Up Everything with Ease

MyBackup Pro backs up many different types of files from Android phones, giving it more versatility than many of the other Android backup apps on the market today. The program can store all types of media files, including photos, music and videos that you have created with your phone or downloaded to it. You can also use the program to backup your contact list, your call log, your text messages and message attachments. Even items like your system settings, browser bookmarks, wallpaper, alarm clock settings and calendar can be safely stored on the backup SIM card or in the MyBackup Pro cloud. You can easily set up the app to back up your entire phone on a regular schedule to make sure you always have the latest versions of your files available.

View for Easy Restore

In the unfortunate event that you suffer a loss of data on your Android phone, you want to be able to use your Android backup program to restore the data as quickly as possible. That’s why MyBackup Pro gives you the convenience of a view function. With this mode, you can see what’s on your SD card or in the cloud without having to completely restore it. You can therefore be selective about which files you reinstall or give priority to the most essential data in the event of a catastrophic loss.

An Android Backup Program for Every Phone

MyBackup Pro is compatible with virtually all Android phones whether they are non-root or rooted devices. You can use the Android backup program on any tablet or smart phone with the Android operating system version 1.5 or later.

Discover how easy it can be to get the protection of Android backup. Download MyBackup Pro today and see why this powerful app has won numerous awards!


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