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There is virtually an app for everything available for Android phones, and you’ve spent plenty of time gathering apps to help simplify your life. Whether you exclusively use free apps or have invested money in building your collection, the last thing you want is to wind up losing all of your data if your phone were to break or otherwise become damaged. Fortunately, you can safeguard against such disasters with Helium Premium, an affordable app that makes Android backup a simple task.

Protection for All of Your Apps

Helium Premium is a uniquely designed Android backup system that is made especially for apps. Because the program focuses on App backup, it runs very quickly and won’t interfere with the operation of your phone or tablet. The program is compatible with nearly all Android apps and can perform a complete backup in very little time. In the event of data loss, you can easily restore all of your apps with just a few clicks.

Completely Ad Free Experience

When you choose to download Helium Premium for your Android backup needs, you’ll get the benefits of a completely ad free experience. The Premium version is easy to use and won’t slow down your phone by displaying ads. It makes backing up your data with the program incredibly convenient and easy to do while on the go.

Back Up to Cloud

With Helium Premium, you can ensure that your app data is safe by backing it up to a cloud hosting service of your choosing. The program is compatible with three of the most popular cloud services: Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Once you have selected the location for your cloud storage and entered the credentials for your account, the Android backup app will automatically store copies of your app data to the selected destination.

Sync to a Phone or Computer

Online cloud storage with Google Drive, Box or Dropbox aren’t the only Android backup options that you’ll get with Helium Premium. You can also download a desktop companion app for your Linux, Windows or Mac OS X based computer. This will allow you to save copies of the app data captured by Helium Premium right onto your computer in a location that you pre-select. This way, you’ll have a copy of it always available for installation in the event of data loss. This powerful Android backup program also gives you the ability to send app data from one Android device to another. This makes it great for sharing apps between your tablet or smart phone or for migrating data to a new device.

Helium Premium is an Android backup app that will give you the confidence that comes from knowing your app collection is protected come what may. The app is compatible with any Android device using version 4.0 of the operating system or a later model. Download the app for yourself today and get started protecting your precious data!


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